Welcome to CodesAway

writing tools that make writing code a little easier

This site is to share libraries and programs, which I have developed to make certain tasks easier.

Several tools are free, and usually have their source included. The more complicated programs are for sale for a modest amount.


  • RegExPlus - extends Java regular expressions to support additional syntax
  • JavaStar - online regular expression tester, using RegExPlus to find matches
  • SystemClipboard - Java utility class that simplifies interaction with the system clipboard


Website layout

The layout of the site reads like a book. The menu bar is the "table of contents", taking you to the "chapter" you are interested in.

On each page, the left half is the "index" for the page - the list of sections and subsections. On the right, you have in-depth descriptions for the different sections.

Use of JavaScript

Some pages makes use of JavaScript to make it easier to navigate the page, and to make the page more organized.

If you have JavaScript disabled, you are still able to interact with each page, and access all the information, but some "conveniences" will not be available.

A special thanks

This site makes use of many free JavaScript libraries and HTML tools.

I would like to thank the developers for their time and effort in designing these tools, and a big thanks for releasing them, so that others, like myself, can use them.