RegExPlus extends Java's regular expression syntax by adding support for additional Perl and .NET syntax.

These additions make it possible to use the same regular expression in Java that you already use in other RegEx engines.

The project is open source, available on GitHub; links are in the download section.

There is also a Tasker plugin for Android.

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100% backwards compatible with Java regular expressions plus the below additional syntax.

Java Version

RegExPlus works with Java 1.5 and above.

100% Backwards compatible

RegExPlus isn't a RegEx engine, but instead sits on top of Java's engine.

So, every function, feature, and syntax available in Java's native RegEx engine works in exactly the same way in RegExPlus. The only change is that instead of importing java.util.regex.***, you import info.codesaway.util.regex.***.


The download includes the RegExPlus library, without it's source. The source code is available on GitHub. Documentation is available in the Javadocs. Javadocs.


Format: Jar file, no Javadocs (97 KB)

Version: 0.4 (beta; new functionality added, not documented yet; documented functionality works as documented)

Download: RegExPlus-0.4-beta.jar



RegExPlus is released under the New BSD License and is free for both personal and commercial use.

If you found RegExPlus useful, please link back to this page so that others can find it as well.

What if a syntax is missing?

If there is a syntax that you would like to see added, please post your request on the feature requests forum.

With the numerous RegEx syntax available, I rely on individuals like you to increase the compatibility of RegExPlus.