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Uses of Matcher in info.codesaway.util.regex

Methods in info.codesaway.util.regex that return Matcher
 Matcher Matcher.appendReplacement(java.lang.StringBuffer sb, java.lang.String replacement)
          Implements a non-terminal append-and-replace step.
 Matcher Matcher.clone()
static Matcher RegExPlusSupport.getLastMatcher()
 Matcher Pattern.matcher(java.lang.CharSequence input)
          Creates a matcher that will match the given input against this pattern.
 Matcher Matcher.region(int start, int end)
          Sets the limits of this matcher's region.
 Matcher Matcher.reset()
          Resets this matcher.
 Matcher Matcher.reset(java.lang.CharSequence input)
          Resets this matcher with a new input sequence.
static Matcher RegExPlusSupport.setLastMatcher(Matcher matcher)
 Matcher Matcher.treatNullAsEmptyString(boolean treatNullAsEmptyString)
 Matcher Matcher.useAnchoringBounds(boolean b)
          Sets the anchoring of region bounds for this matcher.
 Matcher Matcher.usePattern(Pattern newPattern)
          Changes the Pattern that this Matcher uses to find matches with.
 Matcher Matcher.useTransparentBounds(boolean b)
          Sets the transparency of region bounds for this matcher.

Methods in info.codesaway.util.regex with parameters of type Matcher
static Matcher RegExPlusSupport.setLastMatcher(Matcher matcher)